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Intro. to Yoruba


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  1. Nyaha says:

    Good afternoon good people. Reading this just highlights how knowledgeable and wise Ifa tradition (specifically the Yoruba people and in general Africans) really is. Reading just how deep blood is and how it is used is beyond fascinating. It opens you up to another world. I am always impressed how math is used when speaking in Yoruba. Maybe someone can write about that 🙂 As an observer and a teacher to my son, I try to find ways to include basic concepts in every day language. At this point, the lesson is simply speak an African language and you will be easily be discussing science, math, geography and physics in one sentence. I am humbled by our ancestors knowledge (and how it is so beautifully interwoven into every day life. For those that are ignorant (as clearly our knowledge today of even “complex” things is in pale comparison to what was known), I am looking forward to learning and experiencing our Divine Knowledge that is Ifa.

  2. Obara Meji says:

    Thank you Nyaha. People are now waking up to what our ancestors knew way before. African spirituality is fascinating, should one take the time to learn. Unfortunately because of Christianty, Islam and other religions many do not want to hear about our spiritual systems/practices much less sacrifice and the importance of it. Yet they have no problem calling Jesus the lamb of the world, who died to save humanity (sacrifice)

    The article above is well written, and the author meticulously broke it down so that it would be easy to understand, yet others would read it and still close their minds to it. IFA is the binary code of life, if one can understand the the complex system of mathematics (Odu) and how it explains the Universe and its cosmology, then we could begin to at least begin to understand just a little of what is God and who we really are.

  3. Queenleelee/ Lisa says:

    I am so happy I waited to read this so I could read part one and part two all at once, yes My Obara it was fascinating. Admittedly I was actually curious to see the link between the spirit world and the physical that showed the significances of “Blood Sacrifices” and this made it crystal clear.

    Now All I read here about blood from a scientific point of view, I knew most of it from school, and reading it now was as fascinating as learning about it back then. but the main thing I was waiting to read was how Blood was Significant to the ATR.

    And oh yeah I got it clear, Blood as a Transporter from the Physical Realms to the Spiritual, it acts as one of the communications devices…

    “Blood is the essential transporter and communicator of life/energy/ase; thus, it is used as the central activator and communication agent for going between the physical and the spiritual worlds”.

    “In relation to ebo, blood serves as the activator of the signal that communicates that work must take place on the specific items and situation”. Which like stated it makes blood or plants that breath out oxygen a “GO BETWEEN” the Physical World and the Spiritual Worlds, no so ?

    With every action there is a reaction, please post more of this.. it is better than ganja as food for the brain,

  4. Obara Meji says:

    Lol, Lisa you are a nut, lol! I have more of his writings to post

  5. Queenleelee/ Lisa says:

    Lol, mi tell you mi not crazy, A crazy person don’t know they are crazy, I know I am crazy, therefore I can’t be crazy, now isn’t that crazy…lol..

    This yah post yah sweet cant done.. mi lub ee, mi lub ee, mi lub ee cant done..

  6. Supa*Natural says:

    A very good read; a suh yuh brake dung tings…. is there a part.3 @Obara?

  7. Obara Meji says:

    No, there are other very good articles by same author that I will post this week

  8. KB says:

    Wow thank you Babalawo Asegun Oladigbolu. Very well written article…i get it! Blood is the activator/ transporter between physical and spiritual worlds. I never looked at blood as deeply as u have written in ur 2 articles. Why do some sacrifices not require blood?

  9. Obara Meji says:

    It depends on the Odu and upon inquiry what the Orisha will take in order for them to face the problem. Blood is the last thing we ask them if they want, we tend to ask if they will take simpler things instead, wh I they most often will. Orisha love kola nut more than cows at times, but when blood is asked for, most often the problem is big or very intricate. Re,ember blood is life, thanks for the comment KB

  10. Nyaha says:

    good afternoon good people. I have a question, why certain animals? I mean like a bird vs a goat. Or even different types of birds

  11. Obara Meji says:

    Hello Nyaha, some Orishas will only take certain gender of an animal or certain animals, this also comes through the holy scriptures, ese ifa (verses of Ifa) which is passed down for practitioner to know how and of what to enquire of the Orishas as to what they will take for the sacrifice. A male or female chicken, a pigeon or even Guinea fowl, which is regarded as feathers or two legged animals. Although blood sacrifice still cannot compare with the larger animals we refer to as four legged. For instance, if it is death or an illness which maybe on the way for a person, the Orisha may call for a four legged animal such as a goat, or even a ram (big sheep ), this animal takes the place of the human being who is supposed to be ill or even die. If the human bends forward putting both arms to the ground while maintaining his legs on ground, it would resemble the stance of a four legged animal. So rather than giving over the human life, we plead with the animal to go in his stead.

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