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Our Journey


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  1. Obara Meji says:

    Hello AMBER

  2. Queenleelee/ Lisa says:

    I know I was led to you, to be awaken into what I know is my true purpose, to be a conduit for my Orishas. This is what I have been searching for without even knowing I lost it.

    I Thank the Devine Source for all it did to lead me to you, my Obara who, as my Spiritual Elder, sister, mother, friend and Teacher, have opened up the realms to me as a baby of ATR so I will be protected and learn as a baby would,

    You have my words, so you know the rest.. ASE’

  3. Obara Meji says:

    Thank You Lisa!

  4. queenleelee1 says:

    Thank you more my Obara..I don’t know how I will ever repay you. .but we have another 100 years and change to go so I will figure something out

  5. KB says:

    wow i dont know where im going but my ori lead me to Obara and Ifa traditions. I was followed recently by a bee and i remember Osun. I didnt run or scream lol because i honor Osun same as all Orishas. I know they are all there gently nudging me on this journey. Ase

  6. le.tigre says:

    It’s funny how I’ve sent an email to Obara titlled “Getting There” before reading this post. I too, refer to my journey as such. Unfortunately, I am no where close to ‘there’ as yet, that’s why I choose to educate myself on the true nature of spirituality.
    Obara, you opened up a lot for me and gave me a deeper understaning of the mysterious realm, -And for that, I thank you!

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