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IFA-ORUNMILA – Ifá Orisha Unveiled



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Comments (16)
  1. Lisa says:

    I am looking forward to the terms and definitions, section of this blog soon, I am fascinated with the Yoruba Tradition, and want to learn as much as possible about it, but mi have a problem with the words, and how to pronounce them, so ahem… my Obara, you know mi ago harass you nuff bout how fi say what…so prepare for me Teacher….

  2. Kryssie says:

    Just checking again 😀

    1. Famuwagun says:

      Thanks Krystale

      1. Kryssie says:

        Welcome! 🙂

  3. KB says:

    I like it i like it!!! Thank u Obara and family

  4. Nunu says:

    Good night, this is a great introduction to the mystery that is ifa and I am excited to learn more about this great tradition.

  5. Toy says:

    Obara and her beautiful babies thank you for this site, it is most definitely needed. I am glad to be here that you will continue to seek give us the great knowledge we seek.

  6. Toy says:

    And that you Obara can continue to give us the knowledge we seek. Fixing my mistake up top

  7. Nyaha says:

    Yes, thank you Obara Meji for creating this website. Thank you to your beautiful children who are working behind the scenes to make the work “visible” to use 🙂

  8. Cami says:

    Perfect! OM you out do you self on this. I must say away from the knowledge you always have great visuals too. I’ll be reading and learning more since the site is solely about IFA.

    Good day, ALL and as Nyaha stated, thanks to the little Meji’s for making the forums possible by aiding their Mum.

  9. Co says:

    Lol @ “little Meji’s” ^

    The site is beautiful. Looking forward to more on Ifa and The Orishas. I was very much into “The Orishas” page btw. But I know you’re still working on things so I’ll wait for more writings 😀

  10. Adewole says:

    Aboru aboye Awo Obara Meji: This post was truly AMAZING!! Ese pupo!! The personal stories and insights, the references from others, and the vast scope of concepts covered (and in such a concise manner), makes this a ‘must read,’ for all of this site’s readers! Wow….Odabo!

  11. Ososanya says:

    Where in Jamaica r u located

    1. Obara Meji says:

      Hi Ososanya, I am Jamaican but I am not living in Jamaica.

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