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ABOUT – Ifá Orisha Unveiled

About the Site

Ifa Orisha Unveiled is a beginner-friendly with an aim of giving authentic information on the Yoruba tradition of Ifa-Orisha. An extension of it’s parent site, Embracing Spirituality, Ifa Orisha Unveiled will demystify the tradition and give the world a clearer understanding of what the practice actually is. With her extensive knowledge as a Metphysician, Obara Meji, the author and creator of Ifa-Orisha-Unveiled, will break down the Ifa Orisha tradition and it’s metaphysical hows and whys, thus making the practice easier to comprehend for all.

Ifa Orisha Unveiled will attempt to explain what the wise traditional Yorubas may not be able to convey in the English language. From the Yoruba perspective, we will delve into not only Ifa and the worship of nature, but also other aspects of the Yoruba Culture itself, which is also apart of the tradition unbeknownst to many.

Through our articles and footage, Obara will clear the mist away and unveil a beautiful tradition of deep and ultimate wisdom.


About Obara Meji

20 years ago, I was being awakened. It was at first jarring for me and there were some points in my life when I thought I could not handle it. It was the most difficult and terrifying time of my life. I was left in total confusion as to what was happening to me and I had no one to ask these questions because I belonged to no religious institution or traditional community. So when God chose for me to become awake and sent my guides to school me and to take me on my journey through the astral realms and introduce me to my spiritual elders and teachers, coming from a Christian background, it was all too overwhelming. I have written more about this on my blog Embracing Spirituality.

Since then, I have come to realize that a lot of people have gone through, or are going through what I experienced, and I have made it my mission to assist those on their spiritual path. I am a spiritualist first, a Metaphysics teacher, and a Traditionalist of the Ifa-Orisha tradition. With Ifa-Orisha Unveiled, I plan to use this platform to teach more about this tradition to not only the diaspora but also to indigenous Yorubas who have little knowledge about the treasure of their culture’s vast wisdom and knowledge.


Spirituality and tradition lights the path…