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Highlights From an Obatala Initiation Here in Nigeria – Ifá Orisha Unveiled

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Highlights From an Obatala Initiation Here in Nigeria

This is a video from Day 1 and Day 2 of an Obatala Initiation that we had completed here in Ogun State, Nigeria. It was a beautiful initiation. Here, the drummings, dancing, and all ecstatic behaviors are for the invocation and invitation of Obatala to come. During initiation, the initiate is being joined through her consciousness with the deity who accompanied her to this earth realm. Obatala has his signature written into this initiate’s destiny book called Odu. The manifestation of the deity during this important initiation will come through all those who are initiated to him or those who have the Ase (power of the deity through initiation) of this magnificent Orisa. In words described for your better understanding, we can the call the initiate two things: 1. A bride being introduced to her husband at the marriage ceremony. 2. A child being born to it’s parent (I prefer this analogy).

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