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Our Journey


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  1. Greetings All,
    Great Post.
    I found the connection between the snail shell and expanded consciousness fascinating. There are various expressions throughout nature that could have been chosen to symbolize this circular motion of expansion. I wonder if the snail was chosen in part due to its slow and steady movement? Perhaps to demonstrate the incremental steps that take place in the expansion of consciousness. Slow but sure progress.

  2. Obara Meji says:

    We can never stop learning Day, I agree with you;

    “According to Ifa this benefits not only the individual but also the entire community. If we are able to build on the lessons learned in a pervious life, we can move on to new lessons that will benefit both self and world. Within the eternal cycle of life, death, transformation and rebirth there is expansion of consciousness. The expansion of consciousness is symbolized in Ifa by the snail shell a spiral of circular forms gradually increasing in diameter. To support this on going quest for spiritual elevation Ifa honors the spirit of Egun. Most books on Yoruba culture translate Egun to mean ancestor, which is only partially correct. Egun is more accurately defined as the collective consciousness of all those ancestors who are waiting for the opportunity to return to earth. Egun as a spiritual phenomenon is bigger and more inclusive than any specific ancestor spirit. To support this on going quest for spiritual elevation Ifa honors the Spirit of Egun.”

  3. queenleelee1 says:

    A wah mi ago do with this bad pickney yah man…hear har…”Obara Meji (still striving for Iwa Pele, but sometimes some people mek mi cuss rass, and at time de rass mek mi feel good sighs, confession is good for de soul, still striving!)”

    I too strive for Iwa Pele, yes it is not so easy especially when you have to live amongst these dark forces..also mi just love how this simplify what should be pratical “common sense” methods of thinking ,
    If you plant corn how you expect to reap peas.simple..mi always say that..it is just simple logic..

    So mi a live the Iwa Pele way..(ahem..well some a it.. “shame face”..cause mi guilty a nuff not so Iwa Pele behaviors)..but the logical things, mi live by and now I know that this is the true way .


  4. Obara Meji says:


  5. Lincoln says:

    The older I get the less I confront people- I merely walk away most of the times….. people who know me for many years say I have lost my fire and maybe so but I am more knowledgeable about life and I choose to not deal with bad vibes, people or situations- Sometimes I think, when I am financially able to live in some far away place with minimum human interaction I will be at peace-
    the earth and universe is so beautiful but man is what make this daily world so hard to live in-
    I will try my best to be peaceful, mindful of nature, others feelings and see what ends up happening- whether i reach a level of true Iwa Pele I can only hope .

    Blessed Love

  6. Obara Meji says:

    Powwwww, with this comment Lincoln, pepole bad yah man!

  7. Lincoln says:

    I am sending you a story via email now that my best friend told me today – Lawd people wicked

  8. Obara Meji says:

    Ok np Lincoln

  9. Cami says:

    I will never attain Iwa Pele pass 50% in all honesty- I may even have a higher percentage, but 50 is safe. Unlike Lincoln, I was forged with a fire that works for me and against me. I’m kind as in giving, gentle towards those my spirit accepts and as extroverted as I may seem I’m really an introvert. I cannot get close to 100 or 90 percent of Iwa Pele because external factors causes my kindness to turn into disgust, and causes my gentle self to become enraged. Therefore, I am of flawed character and accepting of it.

  10. Obara Meji says:

    Love the honesty@Cami, thank you

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